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Dermatology in Georgia — Doctor’s Consultations and Prices

Dermatology is a very special medical area. It stands in the middle between health and beauty. Only healthy skin and hair can be beautiful. Masking defects will not bring any benefits. Dermatology not only studies structure and physiological functions of the skin but also treats a wide spectrum of epidermal diseases.

Dermatological defects can be signs of serious disorders of internal organs. Skin problems tend to progress very quickly. Only a timely visit to a doctor can guarantee fast and sustained results.


Dermatologists treat diseases of skin, nails and hair of infectious and non-infectious characters. These can be different rashes, pustular formations, skin and nail fungus, seborrhea, alopecia, parasitic lesions of the skin, allergic dermatoses, neurodermatitis, eczema, psoriasis, skin neoplasms, and many other.

The treatment is organized in several steps:

  • Collection of anamnesis – hearing the complaints and asking additional questions.
  • Examination of affected areas.
  • If necessary: collection of biomaterial for laboratory tests.
  • Establishing diagnosis. External skin reactions can be a sign of internal pathologies. In order to give the right diagnosis the dermatologist usually asks other specialists for additional consultations.
  • Development of the individual treatment plan.
  • Recommendations on the procedures and further care.
  • Providing control for quality and stability of the results.


Different lab tests can be used to reveal diseases on the early stages:

  • biochemical blood test
  • microscopic examination of smears and scrapings
  • histological studies
  • radiography
  • Among popular services are:
  • cryodestruction of warts, papillomas and other skin neoplasms
  • plasmolifting
  • mesotherapy
  • dermatoscopy
  • radio wave removal of benign neoplasms of various sizes


We recommend to make an appointment in case:

  • you experience itching, burning and/or peeling of skin
  • you want to stop losing your hair and return their beauty
  • you want to get rid of suspicious rashes on your body
  • you are tired of fungal diseases on your skin or nails
  • once beautiful nail plate changed the color, shape and structure
  • papilomas or other neoplasms appeared on your skin
  • one of the birthmarks started to change its color and size. This calls for an immediate visit to the doctor!

This is not the full list of reasons to visit a dermatologist. Be careful of yourself. Skin disorders can be an indicator of some negative external influences or can show problems with internal organs.


Modern technical equipment and big experience of doctors secure effective treatment of different problems in a short period of time and at different stages of development. Comprehensive treatment can include simultaneous use of different methods that include:

  • physiotherapy
  • medicinal therapy of internal and external use
  • cryotherapy
  • ozone therapy
  • radiowave surgery
  • use of laser technology
  • diet therapy

Modern dermatology can achieve good results even in cases considered untreatable in the past. Use of new technologies reduces the risk of relapses, of course only if a patient follows all recommendations.