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Addiction Treatment in Georgia – Doctors’ Consultations and Prices

Addiction is an obsessive attraction, a pathological need in something. In other words, it is a bad destructive habit when someone experiences obsessive attraction to things or substances and is revealed in uncontrolled actions. A person feels discomfort when deprived of these actions.

The main and the most dangerous for people and society addictions are:

  • Smoking
  • Drug addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Gambling addiction
  • Internet addiction
  • Shopaholism
  • Eating disorders
  • Substance abuse
  • Workaholism
  • Sexaholism and other

It is in human nature to be drawn to the things that give us pleasure or sooth us. Sometimes the pursuit of a prolonged or enforced pleasure can lead to a situation when a person becomes a hostage of his/hers desires losing health and free will. First it disrupts the brain areas responsible for will and attraction. Then all other functions of the body stop working properly. Infinite and pointless stimulation of pleasure centers and uncontrolled stereotypical actions lead to degradation. At some point the pleasure becomes a torture for addictive person and a nightmare to everyone around.


Addiction is a disease. It is quite impossible to beat it without professional help. Different specialists can be involved in treatment depending on the type of addiction, its depth and reasons.

For example, alcoholism and drug addiction is treated by psychotherapists or addiction psychiatrists.

Psychotherapists and endocrinologists deal with food addictions.


Specialized rehabilitation centers and doctors of multidisciplinary clinics in Georgia offer a comprehensive list of services for treatment of different addictions. Individual program is developed for every patient that can include:

  • comprehensive examination
  • medication
  • detox treatment
  • psychotherapy measures
  • physiotherapy sessions


Addiction is a state when a person is ready to spend material, time and personal resources in order to have the possibility to get imaginary pleasure from consuming something or acting in a certain way.

When deprived of such consumption or actions the addict feels irritation, anxiety or apathy. If you notice such symptoms in yourself or your beloved one please visit a doctor.

Addiction problem does not have clear boundaries. First it might feel uncomfortable being close to someone who smokes or irritation by the behavior of a drunk person or drug addict. With time the addictions lead to a certain health problems:

  • with liver and heart for alcoholics
  • with bronchi and lungs for smokers
  • with eyesight and spine for addicts to computer games

The first step to fight an addiction is to become aware of it. A person should acknowledge becoming a victim of a bad habit and accept the loss of free will. The desire to get rid of the addiction and to restore the personality is the base for the whole treatment.


Addiction treatment can use the following methods:

  • medicinal
  • psychotherapeutic
  • physiotherapeutic

A comprehensive approach is the most effective. Medicinal intervention will be not effective without psycho-correction and work on life goals. A positive and sustainable dynamic can only be achieved through systemic approach, defined and regular treatment.