It is easy to be treated abroad!

Concierge service for expats

MedTour provides expats with highly qualified organizational and informational support in resolving medical issues on the territory of Georgia.
You do not have to spend a lot of time collecting feedback on forums, choosing a clinic with a good reputation and finding qualified doctors to solve your health issue.

By contacting MedTour, you will save your nerves and make your life easier, because we:

  • we will select the best clinic and doctor in the country based on your situation;
  • we organize support in the clinic by a personal manager who speaks several foreign languages;
  • prepare documents for your insurance company for reimbursement of expenses;
  • we will translate medical documents;
  • If necessary, we will advise on the choice of an insurance company in Georgia.

Concierge service specialists regularly study information about hospitals and clinics in Georgia, maintain databases of laboratories, and collect reliable patient reviews. And already at the call stage, you will receive free services:

  • remote review of medical records by specialized specialists;
  • drawing up a treatment plan and calculating its cost;
  • booking the dates and times of appointments.

Every step is worked out to the smallest detail, and we have answers to all your questions.

MedTour partners provide high-quality services of the European level at affordable prices. You pay only for treatment, save time searching for a doctor and a hospital, receive diagnostics and therapy using modern equipment.

We do not lobby for the interests of an individual clinic or doctor, but we conduct an objective assessment of the quality of their work for compliance with our standards. We always defend the interests of the patient.

One phone call and we will help you!

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